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Kalon and his band offer a number of lineups to suit your event, from solo track show right up to powerhouse 10-piece with backing vocals and horns... and the option of going bigger still with added dancers to really get your party started! Whatever your needs, The Kalon Affair has something to suit every space and occasion. See our lineups below!

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7-PIECE: Kalon + drums, bass, guitar and keyboards, plus 2 female singers

SOLO - Kalon to track

3-PIECE - Kalon + 2 female backing vocalists to track

5-PIECE - Kalon + drums, bass, guitar and keyboards

7-PIECE - Kalon + drums, bass, guitar and keyboards, plus 2 female singers

8-PIECE - As above, plus saxophone

10-PIECE - As above, plus 3-piece horn section

12-PIECE - As above, plus 2 dancers

If you are after something more laid-back, or space at your event is limited, Kalon can also perform as an acoustic duo, trio or quartet. 

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Kalon offers bespoke shows around a number of themes, including: 

Epic disco classics, from Earth Wind and Fire to The Bee Gees will transport your event to the Studio 54 dancefloor.



An ever changing selection of songs by current artists – including Adele, Sam Smith, Leanne La Havas, Justin Bieber, Bastille, and Years + Years.




Tunes from the Golden Era guaranteed to lift every spirit!



From A-ha to Boy George to Soft Cell and Blondie.



...could this be the best decade in music?



The best and most iconic songs from your favourite Hollywood movies. Instantly recognisable tunes from all decades, rearranged to sound fresh and contemporary.


A collection of Stevie Wonder's greatest hits guaranteed to set your event alight.

A tribute to the greatest songwriters of all time, from Bob Dylan to Amy Winehouse, spanning several decades and styles and catering for every taste.

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